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From the time Haifan Liu was just a child, growing up in China, he was fascinated by the arts. At a young age, he showed a great interest in visual arts, such as sculpture, and painting. He was inspired to create even as a child, studying painting as a form of artistic expression. He found it to be a cathartic experience, giving him the opportunity to take the ideas in his head and turn them into visual entities for everyone to see.


As he aged, his love of painting and drawing grew, and he was always looking for new ways to explore his passion. When he saw a tattoo for the first time, he was intrigued; the art form allowed for a unique kind of permanency in his work, and he knew that was where he wanted to go with his talents. To him, each human body is a unique piece of art all on its own, and tattoos only make it more beautiful. Since that fateful day, he has grown as an industry leading tattoo artist in his home country of China and is in-demand internationally.

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“I like painting and I like to bring happiness to others. Tattoos blend well with these. My work can record memories and create dreams for people. Tattoos allow me to experiment with different content and forms of painting. The picture is not only on the paper and the canvas, the human body is the best for artwork. I have seen many failed tattoos, and I am always good at making them beautiful with a new design. This makes me very happy, people always like beautiful things,” he said. “The best feeling is knowing that customers trust me. Many clients have even become friends. Tattoos are not just the artist’s ideas, but also the customer’s story, happy or unhappy.”

Liu’s tattoos have a new Asian style. The traditional tattoo pattern has been changed to form a new style that is more suitable for the times. He learned a lot of ancient Chinese painting techniques and adjusted them to be ingeniously integrated into tattoo creation. This is evident in his work, and can be seen in films such as Jackie Chan’s Police Story.

A defining moment in Liu’s career came back in 2016 when he attended the National Tattoo Association Convention. Working with colleague Fu Hailin as a team, they quickly impressed judges. For Liu, as a famous tattoo artist in China, it was immensely satisfying to impress American judges.

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“Since 2002, I have been a tattoo artist for almost 20 years. In this decade, I have seen many different styles and different grades of works. Some are great, some are very common. I hope that through this competition, I will test my level and prove my strength. Although I know that I am good enough, I need the authority of the American tattoo community. This award is a reflection of my tireless efforts over the years, and I think that the efforts of these years are worthwhile,” he said.

Undoubtedly, Liu has had a career many can only dream of. He encourages those artists wanting to branch out into tattoos to follow their dreams just as he did. For those looking to follow in his footsteps, he offers the following advice:

“This is a journey full of surprises and ruggedness that requires patience and persistence. You need to have your own style, not copying others. This is very important and is your own unique language. The human body is three-dimensional, and how to present it is very difficult. Different parts should have different designs that conform to the shape of the body, not the deformation,” he advis

Artists: Welcome
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